The books and stories below are presented in the order they were published:

Insanity (Insanity #1)

November 2017

Insanity (Insanity #1)

Jeremy Heston lives a typical American life. He works a part time job, attends college, and dreams for the future. When he graduates and is thrust into the workforce, he quickly learns that dreams are merely far-fetched fantasies.

His first corporate job doesn’t work out, and during this time his mentor, Dr. Siva, reveals a problem ignored by society: mental health. Jeremy grows obsessed with finding ways to shed light on mental illness. His idea is drastic and disturbing, so much that he decides his experiment is not feasible.

Yet once again, the corporate world reveals its ugly teeth. As he struggles to balance relationships, job responsibilities, and school work, he finally caves to the pressures of life. With everything spiraling out of control, Jeremy decides to carry out his experiment to save those that have long been shunned by society, leaving behind a trail of death and destruction.

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A Poisoned Mind

Jan 2017

A Poisoned Mind (short story)

Jonathon Browne knows the voice in his head. It belongs to his deadly enemy, but he never expected the voice to take him over, both mentally and physically. This supernatural force hijacks his body, takes it to his top-secret government office, and spills blood. With a helpless battle within, Jonathon must get control and escape from his own team before they execute him. Will a life in exile be his only choice? Or will the Exalls once again claim another victim?

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Oct 2016

Followed Home 

Every family has its secrets. When Kyle Wells and his friends take an annual trip to his family’s cabin deep in the Rocky Mountains, a string of events unravel to expose what his family has kept hidden for decades.

As an unexpected blizzard pounds the mountains, a friend begins to act different and seems a bit off after a strange encounter in the woods. In their rush for safety, mysterious beings known as Exalls, follow them back to the city where further chaos erupts. Finding himself in the midst of a battle against evil, Kyle learns of a disturbing truth kept secret by his own grandmother, Susan. He and his close circle of friends turn to her as their last hope of survival.
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