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Insanity Complete Trilogy

“Everything was covered in blood.”

This digital box set contains the complete Insanity trilogy:

When Jeremy Heston enters the “real world” after college graduation, he quickly learns that dreams are merely far-fetched fantasies. After years of struggle in the corporate world, Jeremy grows obsessed with an idea to rescue the mentally ill, but dismisses it as too chaotic.

As his world spirals out of control, Jeremy caves to the pressures of life and decides to carry out his experiment. Even with everything carefully planned, he forgot to anticipate all the blood.

After changing the course of history, Jeremy’s experiment moves forward to the next planned phase: the courtroom. With the death penalty likely, he receives support from someone desperate to see him come out of the trial with an insanity verdict. Who is this person? How much can they affect the trial?

With the odds stacked against his life, all he can do is sit back and watch as strangers clash over his fate toward a dramatic outcome.

Once settled in to his new life, Jeremy receives a visit from an old friend and learns disturbing truths about the past. Filled with doubt about the effects of his experiment, Jeremy decides to test uncharted territory by moving to the final step of any good psychological experiment: replication.

With over 700 pages of twists and turns, buy the box set to get all three books at a great value!

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